How Do You Use a Spade Bit?


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Use a spade bit to drill a hole in wood by marking the center of the hole, drilling a pilot hole with a small bit, inserting the spade bit into a power drill and drilling the hole. The process takes just a few minutes.

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  1. Mark the center of the hole

    Measure to locate the center of the hole you plan to drill. Measure from two perpendicular sides and mark an "X" at the intersection. This "X" serves as the center of the hole.

  2. Drill a pilot hole

    Prevent the spade bit from moving from the center location by drilling a pilot hole using a much smaller drill bit.

  3. Insert the spade bit into the power drill

    Open the chuck of the power drill to accommodate the shaft of the spade bit. Using spade bits allow the user to drill larger diameter holes than they could using normal bits, which are limited by the chuck size. Tighten the chuck to hold the bit in place.

  4. Drill the hole

    Prevent splintering on the opposite side of the work by placing a scrap piece of wood behind the work when drilling. Place the tip of the spade bit in the pilot hole. Press the trigger of the drill motor to start drilling. Continue until the hole goes through the board.

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