How Do You Use Soft Scrub to Clean a Glass Cooktop?

Choose either the All-Purpose Kitchen and Bath Cleanser from Soft Scrub or the Advanced Surface Gel to clean your glass stovetop. Use a micro-fiber cloth for the cleaning to prevent scratches or excess lint that may be left behind. Spray the cleanser or squeeze some of the gel on the stovetop, and begin cleaning.

Use a circular motion to clean the entire glass stovetop. Wait until the stove is cool before attempting to clean it. However, it is important to clean up spills and drips as quickly as possible before they have a chance to dry. This makes cleaning faster and easier.

For tough messes in which the spill has hardened, you may have to make a couple of attempts to remove the entire spill. The Soft Scrub Advanced Surface Gel does an excellent job or removing all types of debris, even burnt food. Once the stovetop is clean, rinse off the residue from the cleaner with clear water and dry completely. This ensures that no odors are released the next time you turn on a burner. It also allows your glass cookstove to shine. Regular cleaning with a cleanser specifically designed for glass cookstoves keeps the stove looking like new.