How Do You Use Slip Covers on Sectional Sofas?


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Begin by standing behind the piece of furniture you plan to cover, then align the inside label at the center-back of the slipcover with the bottom-center-back of the piece, and drape the slipcover over the arms and seat. Use the positioning tags on the slipcover for guidance.

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How Do You Use Slip Covers on Sectional Sofas?
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As sectional sofas are available in many shapes and sizes, you may need to purchase multiple slipcovers, imagining that each segment of the sectional is a stand-alone unit of furniture. Begin by precisely measuring each furniture segment's circumference, width, height, depth, the dimensions of its arms (if applicable), and the dimensions of the seat and back cushions. Your measurements must match the dimensions of the slipcover you purchase. Request the assistance of a furniture specialist at the store if you are uncertain.

As you peruse home furnishing shops, you may find it difficult to locate fitted slipcovers in both the appropriate size and in a matching color of any kind—let alone in the color you originally envisioned. However, there are alternatives, such as covering your sectional with blankets or bed sheets, depending on the season and the ambient temperature in your home. Heavier, textured fabrics are more appropriate for cool, wintry days, while light linen sheets are better-suited to the summer months.

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