How Do You Use Sliding Stairs?

How Do You Use Sliding Stairs?

Sliding stairs pull down from the ceiling via a pull-chain attached to the access door built into the attic floor. The stairs may be released once the door is down by lifting the bottom out of the latch securing them in place. This allows the stairs to slide all the way to the floor.

Sliding stairs are a type of staircase that lies flat against the floor of an attic. The staircase uses a spring system and counterweight to slide the access door and stairs open or pull them closed gently. Use the steps below to access and use this type of staircase.

  1. Pull down the sliding stairs
  2. Clear the area underneath where the stairs land of all debris. Pull the access door down by the ring and chain. Unlatch the stairs and slide them all the way to the floor.

  3. Climb the stairs
  4. Climb up the stairs slowly. Use any available handrail on the stairs to remain steady. Do not attempt to go up the stairs if they are rickety or any stair is loose.

  5. Close the sliding stairs
  6. Climb back down the stairs when finished in the attic. Make sure to use the handrail on the way down. Lift the bottom of the stairs and slide them up to re-hook them on the latch of the access door. Push the access door up slightly to cause the springs to recoil and draw the door closed.