How Do You Use a Shower Drain Removal Tool?


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Use a Smart Dumbbell shower drain removal tool by removing the drain cover, inserting the appropriate end of the tool into the drain so that it engages the crossbars inside it, placing a crescent wrench on the middle section of the tool and turning counterclockwise to release the drain. Plumber's putty around the base of the drain often makes it difficult to turn.

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Another shower drain removal tool is the drain key. It does not use the crossbars to loosen the drain, but it requires you to tighten a bolt that spreads the drain shoes against the inside of the pipe. Once the shoes are tight, use a crescent wrench on the hex nut to turn the drain and remove it.

If you do not have a drain tool available, remove the drain by improvising. If the crossbars are in place, use needle-nose locking pliers to grasp the center of the bars and another pair of pliers on the handle to turn the drain. Another option involves placing the handles of water pump pliers through the openings between the crossbars and turning the head of the pliers with another tool.

Removing a drain without the correct tools increases the risk of damaging the drain and crosspieces. If you are reusing the drain, protect it by using a drain removal tool.

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