How Do You Use Shelving Clips?

Shelving clips support shelves by clipping into metal slots in metal runners that run along both sides of a case, allowing you to adjust the shelves as needed. The metal bracket slots are numbered and assist in placing the clips on the exact spots as needed on both sides of the shelves.

To use the shelving clips to change the current position of the shelves, remove the shelves by lifting them and tilting them at a 30-degree angle, and pull them out. Remove all other shelves in the same manner. Remove the clips from their current positions in the metal runners by grasping them between your thumb and forefinger, and pinching hard as you tilt the clip upward. Remove all the clips before beginning to reinsert them in their new positions.

To replace the clips in their new positions, use the numbering systems in the metal runners. The slots are numbered from one to 10 and separated by two small holes, and then numbered one through 10 again in sequence. To place the shelving clips in the new position, pinch and tilt downward to set securely in place. Make note of the number just above the first clip, and insert all the other clips for this shelf in the same position. Once all the clips are in, put the shelves back in place by inserting at a 30-degree angle and putting them in the new location.