How Do You Use Self-Leveling Concrete Mix?

Using self-leveling concrete mix requires proper preparation of the floor, having multiple people for the various jobs and working quickly. Choosing the right type of mix based on the application is also important.

The tools required for this job are a bag of self-leveling concrete, a bucket, a power drill with a cord, a trowel for smoothing and water. First, prepare the floor that acts as the base for the concrete. Ensure that the area has secure borders and cover any openings in the floor. Sweep and vacuum any loose debris and dust on the floor. Apply the primer sold with the mix to the finish the preparation of the floor.

When ready to pour the concrete, begin by combing the mix and water in the bucket using the power drill. Refer to the instructions on the bag of concrete mix for proper mixing ratios. At this point, it is important to work quickly as the mix will begin to set soon. If working with a large area, buy a brand of mix that takes longer to set so there is more time to work before it hardens.

At least two people must be involved in the job. While one person mixes, the other needs to pour and spread the concrete evenly. Pour the concrete in sections, and use the trowel to create an even surface. It is important to continue working the concrete so that it maintains good smooth texture. Once finished with the pour, wait for the surface to dry.