How Do You Use the Scunci Steamer?

use-scunci-steamer Credit: -Oxford-/E+/Getty Images

Using Scunci steamer begins with the removal of the tank cap and filling it with water. The second step is attaching the extension hose or upholstery nozzle to the unit and twisting to lock it into place. Plug in the unit, and heat it before pressing the trigger to release the steam from the unit. The final stage is the cleaning process.

To remove the tank cap, unscrew it, and pull the cap up. Push the extension hose into the unit after filling the unit tank with water. It is best to use distilled water because tap water usually contains dissolved solids that leave deposits in the tank. After attaching the extension hose, plug in the unit until the water produces steam. When steam is produced, the Scunci steamer is ready for cleaning use.

While using the Scunci steamer, remember to change attachments depending on the area being cleaned. Attach the squeegee to the upholstery nozzle when put to the task of cleaning windows. Other attachments include copper round brushes, cloth covers and angled nozzles. Before changing attachments, unplug the unit, and allow it to cool. Once the cleaning is finished, let the Scunci steamer cool down before removing the cap tank.