How Do You Use Free Scroll Saw Patterns?


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The most common way to use scroll saw patterns is to print them on regular paper and adhere it to the material to be sawed. Alternatively, patterns can be printed on carbon or graphite paper in order to transfer the pattern directly onto the material. Another way to achieve this effect is to trace heavily with a pencil on the front and back of the pattern. Once the pattern has been applied, follow it with the scroll saw.

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For most users, especially beginners, adhering the pattern to the material, typically wood, is the best option. There are a few different ways to accomplish this, including spray adhesive, double-sided masking tape, full-sheet adhesive labels and glue.

Spray adhesive is a common choice and is very easy to use. Spray the wood or other material with the adhesive, and carefully place the printed pattern. The adhesive will act as a lubricant for the saw blade, making cutting easier.

Double-sided masking tape is another easy option with the added benefit of very little mess. Lay a few strips of tape down in the target area, then place the pattern on top.

Full-sheet adhesive labels require printing the pattern onto the label sheet. After that, place the pattern in the target area, and begin sawing.

Glue works almost exactly the same way as spray adhesive. Glue sticks are the easiest type of glue to use because they allow the pattern to lie completely flat on the material.

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