How Do You Use Screen Door Magnets?


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Apply one side of a screen door magnet to the inside of the screen, attaching it to the other side by applying the second magnet to the same area on the outside of the screen. The magnetized backs of the magnets are reverse magnets that stick together, ensuring a secure grip on the screen.

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Screen door magnets are often used to patch holes on screen doors or windows to allow the homeowner to leave doors and windows open to let fresh air into the space. They are an attractive alternative to traditional screen patch kits, preventing bugs from entering the home and saving on costly screen replacements. Many homeowners choose screen door magnets to visibly alert guests and pets entering or leaving the home of the presence of a screen door to avoid potential accidents or damage to the screen.

Screen door magnets are made of a rubberized magnetic material that resists damage caused by environmental conditions, and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Place several different designs on a screen to create a unique decorative accent for your home. Separate the front and back of the magnet, and attach each to any metallic surface for personalized decor.

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