How Do You Use Scotts Speedy Green Spreader?


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Use a Scotts Speedy Green spreader by selecting the appropriate setting, loading the product into the spreader, and walking back and forth across your lawn until you cover the entire area. Different lawn products require different spreader settings. Most lawn product manufacturers list setting information for common lawn spreaders either directly on the product packaging or on their Web pages.

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Scotts Speedy Green lawn spreaders have a lever that controls when the product gets released onto the spreader head. When you walk with your spreader normally, the hopper holding the lawn care product stays closed, and nothing gets spread onto your lawn. When you pull the lever on the Speedy Green spreader's handle, a door in the bottom of the hopper opens, and the spreader starts dispersing the product on your lawn.

Figure out how many passes you have to make by finding the spread width for your Scotts Speedy Green lawn spreader. Spread width is the total area that a lawn spreader covers during operation. While all Scotts Speedy Green models are broadcast spreaders, each model has a different spread width. Find your spreader's spread width either in the original product documentation or on the official Scotts website.

To get the best coverage when applying grass seed or lawn fertilizer, walk with the spreader around the perimeter of your lawn first. After covering the outer edge, walk back and forth in the middle of the lawn until the whole lawn is covered.

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