What do you use scissor lifts?


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Use scissor lifts to perform tasks that require height and stability a ladder cannot provide, such as painting a large area. The platform moves vertically thanks to the a hydraulic lift powering upward propulsion of its folding supports. The lift may also come equipped with a bridge that allows the worker to get closer to their project, as the lift is unable to move horizontally.

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To safely use a scissor lift, first eliminate any obstacles that would hinder the lift's movement. Guarantee that any overhead clearance will be accommodated. Charge the scissor lift's batteries fully, and before using, unplug the charger from the power source.

Start the scissor lift by pulling the emergency stop button and turning the key switch to the platform. Deploy the emergency stop button on the platform panel and use the levers and controllers on the console to raise the lift to the desired height. If using the scissor lift for painting, be sure to prevent paint from spilling onto the lift.

Shut down the scissor lift only after lowering the platform. Press the emergency stop buttons on the operator console and base control, and then switch the key to off. Remove any supplies or debris from the platform's surface before plugging the lift into recharge.

When using a scissor lift, make sure the platform's guard rails are in place. Examine the tires and ensure they are in good working order before lifting the platform. Do not combine the scissor lift with a ladder or scaffolding to attain extra height, and never load the platform over the stated weight limit.

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