How Do You Use a Sail Shade in the Backyard?

How Do You Use a Sail Shade in the Backyard?

A sail shade can be used to provide cover for the patio, deck a picnic table or provide a covered play area in the grass or pool. Sail shades are lightweight, easy to install and offer protection from up to 97 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays, notes

Sail shades are specialty fabric covers for outdoor areas. These shades are different from a plastic tarp in their design and features. Sails have a slight inward curve along each of the sides to help keep them taught when installed. The edges are usually reinforced and the corners have convenient rings for hanging. Some companies coat their fabrics with a special UV blocking chemical to give users extra protection from the sun's rays in the shade.

Those who live in areas with strong winter winds may find sail shades are easier to take down, rather than worrying about wind damaging a patio roof.

People use sail shades in areas where they have little room to build a covered patio roof or have a tight budget. The shade also gives a more open-air feeling. Shades can usually be hung from the walls of buildings, roof fasciae or posts buried in the ground.

A sail shade can also provide aesthetic appeal with their bright colors and the ability to create sculptural forms with the flexible material.