How Do You Use a Rowenta Home Steamer?


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Use the Rowenta home steamer by applying the steam head to the fabric of the garment while stretching the garment out and rubbing the steam head down the fabric to work out the wrinkles. The home steamer can also be used on home furnishings.

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A home steamer is a good option for garments that shouldn't be ironed because of the delicate fabric or because of ornamentation adorning the garment. The Rowenta home steamer allows you to control the amount of steam being applied to the fabric, and the Precision Valet model comes with a telescoping pole and built-in hanger to make the steaming process easier.

One advantage steamers have over irons is that the heat produced by a steamer isn't as intense as the heat produced by an iron. Steamers also don't leave wrinkles on the bottom layer of the garment the way that irons do. Steamers can make it easier to get wrinkles out of clothes, curtains and drapes. Additionally, steamers are good for traveling, can be made with built-in boilers, can have nozzles that work as irons, and may include a feature that gets rid of water minerals.

A disadvantage of using a home steamer is that they aren't well suited for sharpening cuffs and collars. Heavier fabrics are also able to remain wrinkle-free longer if they are ironed instead of steamed.

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