How do you use a roof shingle calculator?


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Enter the roof type, roof slope and roof ground dimensions into a roof shingle calculator to estimate the area of the roof. Use the value obtained to determine the cost of the required materials and cost of roof installation.

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Use a measuring tape to obtain the ground width and length of the house. For gable roofs, the width is the gable side while the gutter side is the length of the house. The house side does not matter in hip roofs.

Add the width of both overhangs to the side and back dimensions of the house. Use an inclinometer to measure the slope, or rise of the roof in inches per 12 inches run, and enter these measurements into the calculator. To obtain accurate dimensions, take direct measurements from the roof using a ladder.

For complex roofs, measure the dimensions of all surfaces, and add up the areas together. To obtain accurate results, measure all sections including the valleys, eaves, ridges, hips and rakes of the roof. Roof shingle calculators display the results in squares, whereby 1 square represents 100 square feet. These calculators further use the roofing area obtained to estimate the cost of installing shingle roofs. Roof shingle calculators take into account factors such as shingle costs, installation labor and waste allowances.

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