How Do You Use Roman Shade Tape?


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To use Roman shade tape, pin each strip of tape to the back of the shade material, ensuring that the loops on the tape line up horizontally, and then sew the tape into place. Use a straight stitch to secure the tape, and then follow up with a zigzag stitch to prevent the edges from fraying. Once the tape is secure, thread the cord through the rings.

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When making Roman shades for wide windows, it is necessary to apply several strips of tape. Nicole's Classes recommends spacing the tape strips between 7 inches and 11 inches apart. The bottom ring of the tape strip also needs to be 1 inch above the bottom hem.

Dummies.com offers an alternative to using Roman shade tape: create horizontal sleeves every 10 inches, starting from the bottom hem of the shade, and then insert wooden dowels into the sleeves. Once the dowels are in place, attach screw eyes on either end of each dowel, and thread the shade cord through the screw eyes.

SFGate warns that using Roman shades in a child's room may be dangerous. Roman shades are best used in areas where they cannot be reached by a child, because a child could become entangled in the cord.

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