How Do You Use a Rival Electric Roaster Oven?

The first general steps to using a Rival electric roaster oven are to place the removable roasting pan into the roaster oven body, turn the temperature control dial to zero, and then plug the cord into an AC outlet. Specific instructions for using the electric roaster depends on the model.

Product manuals for different models of Rival roasters include similar general instructions for use, even though they may have different parts or specifications. After the roasting pan is placed into the oven body and the unit is plugged in, turn the roaster on by turning the temperature control dial to the desired temperature and allowing the oven to preheat for 15 to 20 minutes. Some models include an indicator light that turns off when the desired temperature is reached.

Once the roaster is preheated, it is ready for food. When roasting meats or other foods that require the use of the roasting rack, individuals must place the roasting rack into the removable roasting pan before setting the food on the rack.

When the food is done cooking, the oven should be turned off and the power cord unplugged. Before cleaning, users must first allow the oven to cool. The roasting pan, roasting rack and lid should be washed in hot, soapy water or wiped clean with a damp cloth.