How Do You Use a RiteTemp 6030 Thermostat?


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Press the touch screen using a finger or the stylus to select a function on the screen, and press the switches and buttons to navigate through options of the thermostat. Press the mode switch to the heat or cool mode to configure the device, and return to the default screen at any time by touching the home icon.

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Press the menu button to access functions such as setting the day and the time, temperature display, chirp, and calibrating the display. Touch the arrow keys long enough to set the time, and press on the temperature set or chirp set displays to toggle between the available options. Press the program button to display the thermostat program screen.

Set the thermostat from the program screen to command the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning unit. Use the temperature up/down arrows to set the target temperature, and touch the set time slot to navigate through different time slots of the day. Touch the day slot to set the day of the week that the set temperature should take effect, and use the time slot to set the time that the program should start. Touch the copy area to copy the program of the day to the next day, and use the review area to auto cycle through the program.

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