How Do You Use a Rental Concrete Pump?

How Do You Use a Rental Concrete Pump?

Customers use a rental concrete pump to lay concrete in difficult-to-reach areas or across large areas in a short amount of time. These pumps are often attached to large trucks and connect to a second concrete mixer vehicle. An experienced professional should be the one to operate the pump.

Concrete pumps save contractors a lot of time and energy in laying a foundation or building a walkway. However, they are specialized pieces of equipment and should only be operated by a professional. Luckily, some rental companies provide an operator along with the vehicle for short daylong jobs. Follow the steps below to rent a concrete pump.

  1. Contact the company
  2. Contact a local construction equipment rental company. Ask about renting a pump and concrete mixer, if needed.

  3. Provide project details
  4. Detail the size of the project, how much area needs filling with concrete and how long it is estimated to last. Also, ask for an operator to dispense the concrete, if needed. Answer any other questions the representative may have. Provide payment information to secure the rental.

  5. Begin work
  6. Prepare the site for the concrete so that it is ready when the truck arrives. Provide the operator with any assistance needed in getting to the site. Contact the company directly if there are any problems with the work.