How Do You Use a Regal Bread Machine?

How Do You Use a Regal Bread Machine?

To use a Regal bread machine, it's a matter of selecting a recipe, gathering the ingredients, programming the machine's setting and letting the bread bake. It's best to first read the instruction manual that comes with the machine. Most manuals also have a recipe section.

The bread maker must always sit on a flat, heat-tolerant surface, as close to a power outlet as possible. It shouldn't be close to windows or heaters because the yeast can be affected. The lid is opened to remove the bread pan, wiped down if needed, and then the kneading paddle is installed in the bottom of the pan.

The ingredients are added, liquid first, then the yeast goes on top, not allowing it to touch liquids or salt. The bread pan goes back in the maker and is locked into place. The cycle is selected, based on the recipe. For example, if making quick bread, the Quick Bread setting is used.

When the cycle is complete, the bread maker goes into a warming cycle, which is turned off by pressing the Stop button. While using oven mitts, the bread pan is removed, turned over and the bread gently coaxed from the pan. Carefully remove the loaf with the supplied kneading paddle.

If the Regal manual is missing, it is possible to download a new one from the manufacturer's website or a third-party site. An option for the latter is Manuals Online. In either case, the bread maker's model number is needed. Recipes may also be found at third-party sites such as