How Do You Use Rechargeable LED Lights?


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Use rechargeable light emitting diode lights for illuminating pathways in the yard by placing the lights in areas where they receive full sun for six to eight hours daily and aiming the solar panels to maximize sun exposure. Solar rechargeable LED lights have photocell switches that automatically turn them on at dusk and off at dawn; however, most operate about eight hours before the battery needs recharging again.

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Solar rechargeable lights eliminate the need for wiring landscaping lights. They lights are available in a variety of styles to match the gardener's taste. Other than their requirement for full sun, there is little to limit where the gardener installs the lights. They work in remote locations, such as lighting the entrance to the driveway or the back corner of the garden. However, when installing the units, it is important to look for overhangs that block light or streetlights that create enough ambient light to turn off the rechargeable LED.

One of the primary complaints about LED rechargeable yard lights is they stop performing as well over time. The battery life for these lights is about two years, after which they require new batteries. If the lights still do not perform as well after replacing the batteries, the issue is sometimes with a dirty cover over the solar cell. Cleaning the cover restores the unit to its original operation.

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