How Do You Use a Quickie Mop?

A quickie mop can be used wet or dry on all hard floor surfaces. The highly absorbent microfiber head reduces drying time. Use it with a bucket of water and the cleaner of your choice.

  1. Wet and wring out the mop

    Add the desired cleaning agent to the water. Place the mop head in the water. Lift the mop head, and use the twist bar on the handle to wring out excess water. Release the twist bar to spread out the microfiber strands for mopping.

  2. Scrub with the mop

    The quickie mop can be pushed like any other mop to clean floors. To tackle particularly difficult spots, use the mildly abrasive scrubber located on the bottom of the mop. Turn the mop in wringing position, allowing the mop strands to remain close together for best scrubbing action.

  3. Clean the mop head

    Washing the mop head removes dirt from the fibers and extends the life of the mop. Remove the mop head and toss it in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. After the wash cycle is complete, remove the mop head and allow it to air dry. Reattach the mop head and store the mop in a clean, dry location for future use.