How Do You Use a Price Calculator for a Retaining Wall?

How Do You Use a Price Calculator for a Retaining Wall?

To use a price calculator for a retaining wall, start with an idea of the dimensions and materials. An accurate landscaping plan will help to use the calculator accurately, says Had to Know.

Had To Know's retaining wall calculator will provide an estimate of the number of stone blocks, capstones and cubic yards of gravel needed for a retaining wall project. To use it:

  1. Enter the wall dimensions
  2. Plan how long, tall and thick the wall needs to be. Enter these dimensions in the appropriate boxes in the calculator in feet and inches.

  3. Choose the materials
  4. Look at the options for stone blocks and capstones. Decide the sizes that are appropriate for the retaining wall. Enter the width and length desired for the stone blocks and the length desired for the capstones in inches.

  5. Calculate
  6. Press Calculate to get an estimate of how much material is needed. This number can be used to estimate costs and labor.

Homewyse has an alternative retaining wall calculator that calculates costs based on location. To use this calculator:

  1. Enter location and dimensions
  2. Enter a ZIP code in the appropriate box. Enter the estimated square feet that the wall will cover in the box next to it.

  3. Review information
  4. Look over the estimated high and low costs for labor, materials and equipment the calculator provides. It also shows the average cost per square foot of wall.