How Do You Use Pressure Washer Nozzles?

How Do You Use Pressure Washer Nozzles?

A pressure washer is selected based on the job at hand, made easier by the color codes red, yellow, green and white. The colors indicate the amount of pressure each one delivers. The pressure nozzle is attached to a wand and the washer is plugged into a water source.

The red tip has the highest pressure. Also known as a zero-degree nozzle, it causes water to come out in a single stream. It is used for extra dirty jobs such as removing caked-on mud, cleaning stains from masonry or concrete, or even for tackling weeds growing through cracks in a sidewalk. The stream can damage wood and other fragile surfaces.

The yellow tip delivers water at a 15-degree angle and is used to remove peeling paint, mildew or other hard to clean substances. Known as a chisel tip, this is the one favored for tackling stained decks, vinyl siding or grimy stucco.

Next is the green tip, or wash tip, which shoots water out at a 45-degree angle. It delivers the water over a wider area and is used for easier cleaning jobs. These include sweeping loose dirt and leaves off sidewalks, hosing down vehicles or getting light dirt off siding.

The white tip is used for rinsing and more delicate washing jobs. Dispensing water at a 40-degree angle, the reach isn't as wide as the green tip but the water is delivered at a lower pressure. White tips are also good for washing lightly soiled vehicles, windows and decks.