How Do You Use Precast Concrete Pavers?


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Precast concrete pavers are uniform in size and are specifically designed to be fit together easily for outdoor applications such as pathways, patios, pool decks and lawn or driveway edging. Although driveways are generally made of concrete, check with the manufacturer before installing concrete pavers in high-traffic areas.

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Precast concrete pavers are made with fine and coarse aggregate and concrete mixture, which is molded into a uniform shape with pressure and vibration to create a solid, durable concrete paver.

Often, pigment is added in varying colors, providing different shades to accommodate personal style or landscape design. Because each precast paver is uniform, the pigment, in one or many colors, can be integrated into the project to provide contrast.

Precast concrete pavers are particularly easy to install because they are molded to fit together or interlock. In order to install concrete precast pavers, choose the installation project sight and measure the area. Plan to purchase the pavers, underlayment and edging. Prepare the site by leveling it and ensuring adequate drainage. Add the weed barrier underlayment, add base sand and level it off. Moisten and pack the sand until smooth and compact. Install the pavers with edging lining the perimeter to keep pavers in place and spread more sand and level the surface until all the joints between the pavers are filled.

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