How Do You Use Post Drivers?


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By repeatedly lifting and dropping a post driver onto the post or pole you wish to sink into the ground, you can successfully anchor a post into the ground. Commonly used to anchor fence posts, a typical post driver is a one-man tool used to drive relatively small poles into the ground.

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A manual post driver is made of a thick metal tube that is enclosed on one end and outfitted with two handles on opposite sides. The operator slides the driver onto the top of the pole and positions the opposite it at the desired location. After making sure the pole is plumb to the ground, the operator lifts and drops the driver onto the pole, with the weight and force of the action driving the post into the ground. Manual post drivers weigh roughly 20 pounds, and the size and style of the driver varies depending on the manufacturer.

Some heavy duty post drivers require two operators; these are typically made for posts or poles with larger diameters. Electric and pneumatic post drivers are used for larger scale construction. Post drivers provided a safer and more accurate way to secure posts than the previous method of driving posts into the ground with sledgehammers.

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