How Do You Use a Plumbing Clamp?


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Use a plumbing repair clamp to fix a pinhole leak in a copper pipe. Each plumbing repair clip has two parts: a rubber pad that fits around the pipe and a long metal clamp that holds it in place. To use, center the rubber pad over the hole in the pipe, then tighten the metal clamp using a screwdriver to close the two screws on the side of the clamp. Overtightening the clamp could bend the pipe.

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Use a different type of pipe clamp, called an offset pipe clamp, to hold pipes in place against joists and other structural members. These pipe clamps fit around the pipe and attach to a nearby structural member. By suspending the pipe so it doesn't touch the structure of the house, the clamp reduces noticeable pipe vibrations and sound travel.

Choose an insulating pipe clamp to reduce noticeable vibrations when a pipe goes through a structural member. Use this type of pipe clamp by placing the clamp around the pipe where it goes through a hole drilled in a structural member.

Use either cinch rings or cinch clamps to make connections between plumbing fittings and cross-linked polyethylene plumbing pipe. To use a cinch clamp, place the clamp over the area where the fitting and pipe connect, and use the cinch clamp tool to permanently tighten the clamp into place.

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