How Do You Use Plastic Sheeting in Landscaping?

How Do You Use Plastic Sheeting in Landscaping?

Install plastic landscape sheeting by preparing the ground for the sheeting, cutting the plastic to the desired size and securing it in place. Use the plastic sheeting on slopes to prevent erosion, in an area where grass and weed control is necessary or to create a neatly landscaped yard or garden.

Landscape sheeting retains heat, thereby smothering anything underneath it. This can be especially damaging to plant roots, so take care to install it in an area removed from important plants or grass. Follow the steps below to complete the installation.

  1. Prepare the ground

    Remove anything from the ground that might puncture the plastic such as twigs or stones. Rake the ground to create an even surface.

  2. Cut the plastic

    Cut the plastic to fit the area, and be mindful of any edges that stick out. Cut a slit in the plastic to allow plant stems to fit through.

  3. Secure the plastic

    Secure the plastic to the ground using landscape staples. Pay special attention to the edges, and make sure they are secure.

  4. Plant

    Plant any new plants in the ground after installing the plastic sheeting by cutting an X shape in the fabric where the plant goes. Dig a hole as usual, making sure the sheeting stays on top of the hole, and add the plant.

  5. Apply mulch

    Apply two to three inches of mulch over the plastic in an even layer.