How Do You Use Plastic Packaging Wrap?


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Use plastic packaging wrap by grasping both ends of the roll and pulling to dispense the wrap, completely wrapping the item; the wrap will stick to itself. Use it for binding and bundling materials for storage or transportation by wrapping several overlapping layers around the materials. This stretch plastic doesn't leave residue like tape. It holds together items on pallets for transportation or electrical cords for organization.

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When transporting goods, the wrap helps to stabilize the load and prevent damage from shifting goods. It also provides some protection from moisture and dust. Manufacturers produce some wraps to provide protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. When carriers transport pallets to several distribution points, stretch wrap helps to ensure the materials remain on the correct pallet, which increases the accuracy of deliveries.

Self-moving companies and office supply stores offer packing wrap in quantities useful for consumers. When moving, these companies can use the wrap over furniture pads to keep them in place. The wrap helps to keep refrigerator doors and dresser drawers in place during the move. However, manufacturers don't recommend applying it directly to wood or leather furniture. The user should first wrap the objects in materials such as paper to provide breathing space so the plastic doesn't trap moisture and encourage mold growth.

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