How Do You Use Plastic Door Strips?


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Plastic door strips are used in open doorways to provide ventilation while keeping insects and pests out. They can easily be installed in three steps, according to PVCstrip.com. First, install the hardware to the door jamb or wall using the appropriate fasteners. Second, hang the plastic strips on the mounting studs. Third, install the retainer bars and nuts to the mounting hardware and secure the strips. Trim any excess material to complete the installation.

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A few tips to aid in installation include placing the strips with the concave sides facing each other and then allowing the strips to hang for 24 hours before cutting them to final length. This allows the material to settle to actual size. Adjust the outer strips to fit the door width and trim off any excess material.

In addition to providing ventilation, plastic door strips control temperature, which makes them useful for cooling warehouses with large bay doors and other work areas such as restaurants. The Home Depot states that they are tough enough for forklift traffic, and the amber color blocks heat from the sun while allowing light and air in to keep the area cool. There are a variety of easy-to-install kits available for this purpose. Installation follows the same three steps for most standard plastic door strip kits.

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