How Do You Use a Pin Extractor?


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To use a pin extractor to remove a pin from a wire harness, locate the loose harness pin. Position the pin extractor over the end of the pin, and insert it. Press the plunger to depress the barbs on the harness pin. While continuing to hold the plunger, pull out the old pin and its wire. Finally, remove the pin extractor from the wire harness housing.

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Over time, pins within wire harnesses become loose due to repeated connections and normal vibration. When a pin becomes loose, it must be removed and replaced. Proper electrical function of the cables within a wire harness is verified using a test board or ohmmeter. Cables have a designated slot within the harness as designed by the manufacturer, and improper cable placement may lead to component malfunction, damage and safety risks.

Wire harnesses are used to connect a compact range of electrical ports to each port's corresponding component. A harness groups a number of pins to a single row to allow all pins to be connected to a port simultaneously. The standard grouping of the cables speeds assembly at later steps, often at the end-user level. Additionally, the materials used for manufacturing the harness improve its protection against shock, fire, vibration and moisture. Wire harnesses are usually used for automotive, aerospace and computer hardware manufacturing. A user manual or wiring diagram is required to properly link cables to their appropriate ports.

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