How Do You Use a Pillar Drill?


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To use a pillar drill, adjust the working table that is attached to the drill, and ensure that the material is properly clamped down before drilling. Set the drilling speed and depth, and begin drilling. Goggles, gloves masks, a vice and protective clothing are all necessary when using a pillar drill.

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  1. Adjust the working table

    Adjust the working table in an up or down fashion. The working table is affixed to the column in order to accept different forms of material to be drilled.

  2. Hold down the material

    Secure the item with the vice to make drilling easier. Avoid holding the material by hand since the drill bit can cause the item to spin around, turning it into a dangerous propeller. Use the safety guard when drilling.

  3. Observe safety

    Wear safety gloves during the drilling process since there is the temptation to wipe away debris by hand. Protect yourself against flying debris by wearing goggles and protective clothing. Use the lubrication system with a collector on larger drills to make the drilling process easier. A lubrication system and collector can be obtained from the manufacturer. Lubricated drills should be kept dry and clear. Clear away any items or debris on the floor as well. Conduct regular safety checks to ensure that the machine works properly at all times.

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