How Do You Use a Phototron Grow Chamber?


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Use a Phototron grow chamber by setting it up on a flat surface in a properly ventilated area indoors. Then, connect the provided fluorescent bulbs to the Phototron, and prepare the seeds by placing them in the germination tray located in the Phototron.

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Place the germination pods in the cups within the germination tray, and add about 80 milliliters of water in the cups. Then, carefully place the seeds in the pods, and insert the tray in the Phototron. Be sure to set the lighting in the chamber to provide 24 hours of light to the seeds to speed up germination. Check daily to ensure the pads are moist, and add water periodically.

Once the seeds sprout and reach about 2 inches, introduce the nutrient feeding solution according to the instructions provided in the kit. Upon reaching a height of 5 inches, the seedlings are ready for transplanting into the Phototron. Space out the seedlings on the sphagnum – growing medium in the grow chamber – to minimize competition for nutrients and speed up growth. Remove the tray from the grow chamber to provide room for the plants to grow.

Make sure to keep the growing medium moist throughout, and reduce the lighting to 18 hours a day upon transplantation. Four weeks after transplanting the seedlings, adjust the lighting to 12 hours a day, and train the plants’ branches within the chamber. At near-full bloom, which is about 12 weeks after transplanting, replace the nutrient solution with water to enhance the plants' aromatic development, according to GrowLife.

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