How Do You Use a Pecan Gatherer?


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To use a pecan gatherer, also called a nut gatherer or nut roller, gently roll the tool's wire basket over the area with nuts or other small items that need gathering. To release the gathered nuts, carefully spread the wires, and remove them.

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Larger nut rollers with attached baskets are easier to use than manual versions. To operate this nut roller, push while walking over the area where nuts have dropped. When the basket is full, lift the basket out by the handles, empty the nuts, replace the basket, and keep on pushing.

To use a wire dumper, place the bracket legs around the outside of the bucket, and set the basket at an angle across the wire, giving a gentle shake to make the nuts fall into the bucket. Some nut rollers have quick-release cage spreaders. To use this, push the cage spreader up to the basket, and then shake the nuts from the basket.

Nut rollers pick up items other than nuts, such as small fruit, flower heads, acorns and even brass casings. Some nut rollers are large enough to pick up pine cones. Store the nut roller in a position that prevents it from becoming damaged between uses.

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