How Do You Use a Paint Sprayer?

How Do You Use a Paint Sprayer?

To use a paint sprayer, prime the pump, and prepare the hose with strained paint. Paint with a sweeping motion in a back-and-forth pattern.

  1. Strain the paint

    Strain the paint you plan to use through a mesh bag and into a bucket to remove clumps.

  2. Prepare the pump for priming

    Place the large suction tube in the bucket of strained paint, and place the prime tube in a separate bucket.

  3. Prime the pump

    Turn the spray valve to Prime, then turn on the pump. Turn the pressure valve, and stop when the pump fires up.

  4. Remove air bubbles

    Slide the prime tube through the clip on the suction tube when paint begins to exit through the smaller tube. Wait until air bubbles no longer exit through the prime tube, then turn off the pump.

  5. Prepare the gun

    Remove the guard and spray tip from the gun, then hold it over the second bucket. Hold down the trigger, and turn the spray valve to Spray. Release the trigger as soon as paint sprays from the gun freely.

  6. Attach the spray tip

    Relieve the pressure from the sprayer, then reattach the guard and spray tip.

  7. Test the pressure

    Turn on the pump, and spray a test strip across a piece of cardboard. Adjust the pressure to your liking, or turn up the pressure if the sprayer leaves tails.

  8. Spray with a sweeping motion

    Pull the trigger. Glide the spray gun across the work area, then release the trigger. Pull the trigger again, and glide it back.