How Do You Use an All-in-One Food Processor?


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While the exact method for using an all-in-one food processor depends on the brand, Breville makes a model that allows users to slice, chop, shred, blend and mash at one station. Using the Breville food processor for the various tasks requires changing out attachments.

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How Do You Use an All-in-One Food Processor?
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The Breville All in One food processor consists of a basic processing bowl with motor and lid. Its multi-use capacity comes from the various attachments included with the appliance. The attachments include a whisk, blending leg, mashing leg, serrated cutter and slicing disc. Users also receive a shredding disc and an S-blade.

Users start by attaching the motor body to the gear box on the lid. The motor body includes a dial for choosing blending speed and a trigger to start the processor.

The S-blade is an attachment that allows users to chop food. To use it, attach the S-blade to the processor spindle, click it into place inside the bowl, place the ingredients inside, assemble the lid, and trigger the motor.

The serrated cutter, slicing disc and shredding disc are used the same way. Slide the disc onto the top of the spindle, and click into place inside the bowl. Assemble the lid, and push the food through the feed shoot at the top while engaging the motor.

The motor can also be used independently of the processor bowl for other tasks. Users attach either the blending or mashing leg directly to the motor and use the device as an immersion blender.

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