How Do You Use Odorfix Plus?


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To use Odorfix Plus, mix 10 parts warm water to 1 part the concentrate, and stir the solution. Spray or pour the solution on the stained carpet or other affected areas, and allow it a few days to eliminate the smell. You do not need to blot, scrub or rinse the area because the solution works and dries naturally. For severe odors, perform additional treatments if the first attempt fails.

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Odorfix Plus takes up to a week to eliminate odor depending on the nature of the stain. For the best results, identify the specific area causing the odor, and copiously pour the solution on this spot. Although spraying the affected area is sufficient if the odor is mild, larger amounts of the solution are ideal when dealing with severe cases or when the initial attempts fail. Use mops to restrain the solution from flowing to areas not affected by the problem. Placing a plastic sheet over the sprayed area enhances the effect of the solution.

In most cases, Odorfix Plus does not require additional steps such as blotting, scrubbing or rinsing to be effective. The concentrate contains active ingredients, primarily bacteria, which chemically act on natural waste. The solution denatures the waste, including pet urine and excrement, disrupting the process that causes the odor. Use additional treatments such as scrubbing followed by Odorfix Plus when spraying the solution alone does not eliminate the odor.

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