How Do You Use the Ninja Cooking System?


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Use the Ninja Cooking System to slow cook meals for hours; quickly cook one-pot meals; steam roast meat, poultry, fish and vegetables; and bake various desserts. Change cooking functions using the knobs on the front. The Ninja cooking pot unit has a stovetop setting for reheating foods, and its buffet setting keeps food warm at social functions. At 12.2 pounds, the base unit is slightly heavier than traditional crock pots, but it is light enough to carry to other locations.

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The Ninja Cooking System allows you to prepare slow cooker recipes, set it to cook on low or high setting and leave it unattended for hours. When slow cooking meats in the Ninja cooker, sear them before adding to the pot. The one-pot meal setting is great for preparing easy recipes using simple ingredients that cook in 30 minutes or less. This cooking system uses steam infusion to roast and bake foods. You must select the right setting to steam certain foods properly.

Select the oven function for beef, poultry, pork and fish. Choose the oven setting for desserts such as cakes, cupcakes, cheesecake and custard. Follow directions for adding water to the bottom of the pot to ensure enough steam is generated during cooking. One thing you cannot use the Ninja Cooking System for is deep frying.

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