How Do You Use a New Wave PIC Cooktop?


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Use a NuWave PIC cooktop by plugging in the appliance, placing an iron-containing cooking vessel on the cooking surface, and placing the cooktop on your desired setting. When your food has finished cooking, turn the device off and remove the vessel from the cooking surface.

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As with all types of induction cookers, the NuWave PIC cooktop only works with pots, pans and skillets that contain a minimum amount of exposed iron. Anodized aluminum or copper-bottomed pots and pans do not work at all on induction cookers. Cast-iron or stainless-steel cookware with enamel coatings also do not work, as the electrical current cannot pass through the enamel. The NuWave PIC cannot be used with traditional woks, as too little of the wok's base makes contact with the cooking surface.

Induction cookers like the NuWave PIC work differently from traditional cooking appliances. A regular electric or natural gas stove works by thermal induction, meaning that heat travels from the burner or heating element through the cookware and into the food.

The NuWave PIC and similar appliances use magnetic induction, where an electrical current passes from the cooktop into the cookware. Because iron is a poor electrical conductor, the current experiences considerable resistance, which heats the cookware far more quickly than traditional burners or heating coils. Because the NuWave PIC has no traditional heating element, the cooking surface is always cool to the touch.

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