How Do You Use a New KitchenAid Stove?


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KitchenAid offers several stoves, so operation instructions vary based on the stove. Most of the stoves have a control knob for each burner. Each knob is used to light the burner and to control the flame level.

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The control knob typically has a range from low to high, followed by the word "lite." Users should set cookware on the grate before using the burner. They should press down on the control knob, then turn it to the word lite. After a couple of seconds, that burner creates a flame; the flame level can be adjusted as necessary.

The high setting is to boil water, preheat pots and pans, cook a large amount of food and to start cooking. Medium is used for frying foods and keeping water at a boil. Low is used when cooking a small amount of food or when cooking liquids, such as soup or gravy.

Instructions for KitchenAid stoves are available on KitchenAid's website as of 2015. The website offers user manuals for several stove models. From the KitchenAid main page, click on the Major Appliances section of the website. Click on the icon for Cooking Products, then select Cooktops. Choose the cooktop for which you need instructions, and click on it. Click on manuals, then select the appropriate guide. The manual opens in PDF format.

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