How Do You Use the Mr. Clean Butler Mop?


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The mop, like any other, is used by wetting it, wringing it, mopping the surface in question with water and cleaning solution and concluding with a rinse. This process removes dirt and stains without damaging surfaces through prolonged contact with soapy water or bleach.

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Mops follow simple principles. They should be cleaned and rinsed regularly to prevent them simply spreading germs and mess.

  1. Cleaning solution
  2. The first step is to fill a bucket with warm water and cleaning solution. This cuts grease, eliminates stains and kills bacteria.
  3. Clean floor
  4. The mop should be wetted, squeezed and swept evenly and briskly over the floor. This lays down a coat of cleaning solution of water.
  5. Rinse floor
  6. Rinse the mop, squeeze it, and clean once more without solution. This prevents staining and floor damage.
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