How Do You Use the Moen Faucet Repair Cartridge?

Use the Moen faucet repair cartridge to replace an existing cartridge in your faucet. Complete instructions for replacing the cartridge in a Moen faucet are available on the company’s website,

To change the cartridge in a Moen faucet, turn the water supply off and gather an adjustable wrench, an open-ended wrench, channel-lock pliers and screwdrivers. You may also need safety glasses and a flashlight. Turn the faucet on to make sure the water supply is completely shut off.

Loosen the screw in your faucet handle, and then remove the handle. The company website states the exact tool you need for different types of faucets. Next, remove the washer and retaining clip from the cartridge.

The repair cartridge comes with a white plastic tool. Place this white plastic tool onto your existing cartridge so that it straddles the cartridge’s ears. Twist the white plastic tool with pliers to loosen the cartridge. Once the cartridge is loose, remove it from the valve.

Place the repair cartridge into the valve so that the ears align with the retaining clip notch. Place the washer over the cartridge, and reinstall the retaining clip. Then replace the handle of the faucet, and tighten the screws.