How Do You Use a Miter Saw?


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Use a power miter saw by keeping it steady and holding it firm. Make sure you adjust the angle for cleaner cuts as well as practice safety techniques. Manual miter saws may require a different set of techniques.

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  1. Hold the saw correctly

    When first turning on a power miter saw, maintain a firm grip, because the saw tends to jerk while it picks up speed. Do not make your cut until the blade has reached its top speed. Keep the blade stable as you cut through the board. Make sure the cut is complete, then release the switch, and wait for the miter saw to come to a stop before raising it up. Make sure your hand is at least 6 inches away from the blade at all times.

  2. Get to know the specifics

    To make sure the miter saw fits, you may need to adjust the cutting angle. Do this by tilting the saw a few degrees and recutting the miter. If the blade is stationary, slide a sliver of wood underneath to angle up the miter.

  3. Practice safety techniques

    When you are cutting miters on anything less than 8 inches long, you must cut from a larger piece to keep your fingers safely away from the blade.

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