How Do You Use Mink Oil?


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Apply mink oil to oil-tanned leather products with your fingers, a sponge or soft cloth, to keep them soft and supple. Oil-tanned boots are finished with fewer products than other types of leather, so they require this special treatment. Always clean the footwear before applying the conditioner.

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To remove stuck-on dirt from the leather, use a stiff brush and water. For deep cleaning, use leather cleaner and a soft cloth or brush to clean the boots. Once they are dry, they are ready for the mink oil.

Before applying the oil, warm the boot using a hair dryer or by setting it on a heating vent for a few minutes, to improve the absorption of the oil. Work one section at a time, and rub the oil into the leather. It should eventually turn clear and be absorbed into the material. Repeat the process until all sections of both boots are covered.

Manufacturers obtain mink oil from the fatty hides of mink and mix it with beeswax to form the product sold in stores. It protects leather products from moisture and dirt from the environment. It also softens the leather, making stiff boots more comfortable to wear. However, it can cause light-colored leathers to take on a darker hue, so test it in an inconspicuous area before applying it to the boots.

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