How Do You Use a Miele Steam Oven?


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To use a Miele steam oven, fill the water container, turn the appliance on and program the cooking function, time and temperature. Users can interrupt the oven's cooking process by opening the door, which switches the heat off until the user closes the door and the oven heats back up.

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To change the oven's settings or function while it's in operation, turn the appliance off, and turn it back on to start from the beginning. Users can, however, change the time or temperature of the steam oven by pressing the time and temperature selector button until the z symbol flashes. Then, the user can program the time and temperature to the desired setting. Users can also change the cooking duration by pressing the time and temperature selector until the g symbol flashes.

Avoid using mineral or distilled water to fill the water container. Instead, use tap water, and only fill it to a level between the markings on the container. To shorten the oven's heating time, use water that's been heated in a pot or kettle. When opening the door during the oven's cooking time, step away from the appliance to avoid coming into contact with hot steam, which may cause burns. Similarly, exercise caution with any hot water that might have accumulated in the door's drip channel.

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