How Do You Use Menards Spray Foam?


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To use Menards spray foam, simply point the sealant where you want to dispense the solution, and press the trigger. The sealant is chemically cured foam, so it has a reduced curing time. Once dispensed, it expands and becomes tack-free in a few seconds. It develops a rigid surface in approximately 40 seconds and cures entirely in just a few minutes, depending on the local temperature.

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The foam spray is versatile, and you can apply it to secure a loose pull knob on a bifold door. You can also apply it to waste lines and around pipes to insulate them for the winter and prevent them from making excessive noise in older buildings and configurations.

Use the foam spray to insulate sections of the attic that need to be sealed, and section off the areas exposed to the outdoors. This keeps warm air inside the attic and prevents winter damage, and it protects the rooftop from squirrels, birds, raccoons and other invaders that nestle in the attic during winter.

The foam spray can also secure windows and prevent drafts from lowering their energy efficiency levels. Spraying the foam around the frames of the windows' foundation anchors them to the wall and prevents further damage from marring the frames.

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