How Do You Use the Lowes Fencing Calculator?

Lowe's Home Improvement store offers calculators for estimating the building supplies needed for some projects, but there is no Lowe's fencing calculator available online as of September 2015. Lowe's does offer other project calculators including those for carpet, insulation, paint, flooring and concrete holes, pads and walls. Other fencing calculators can be found online from websites such as

In order to use an online fencing calculator to estimate materials needed for a fencing project, follow the directions below.

  1. Obtain the measurements for the fencing project
  2. To get accurate results using the fencing calculator, the correct measurements of the intended fence must be obtained. The easiest way to accurately measure for a fence is to place a post in each corner of the desired perimeter and measure between the posts, adding all sides together and accommodating for gates.

  3. Find an online calculator and enter required information
  4. Go to a website with an online fencing calculator and enter the project, the chosen material, the type or design of the fence and the length of the fence in feet. Once submitted, the calculator provides the number of two-by-fours, four-by-fours, fence clips, nails and pounds of cement mix needed to build the fence.

  5. Calculate the fencing project
  6. Most average fence panels are eight feet in length. Estimating a fencing project can easily be accomplished without a fencing calculator by taking the total length of the fence and dividing that number by eight. This leaves the builder with an estimated number of fencing panels to purchase.