How Do You Use Liquid Fertilizer Concentrate?


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Use concentrated liquid fertilizer by filling the reservoir of a hose-end-sprayer and turning on the garden hose to spread the fertilizer. Apply evenly across the area you are fertilizing. For smaller areas or potted plants, dilute the concentrate, pour it into a watering can and water the plant. Liquid fertilizer transports the nutrients directly to the roots of the plant for rapid uptake but requires caution, as application of an undilluted solution can burn the plants.

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Some automatic irrigation systems for lawns have a distribution system for concentrated liquid fertilizer. With these systems, fill the reservoir and set the dilution factor. The irrigation system feeds the lawn each time it waters the grass. Because liquid fertilizers are applied each time the plant is watered, they often contain a lower amount of nutrients than solid fertilizers that require less frequent repeat applications.

Fertilizer packaging contains three bold numbers, indicating the percentage of nitrogen, phosphate and potash the product includes. A 10-10-10 fertilizer contains an equal amount of these nutrients. Fertilizer manufacturers often increase the amount of one or two products while decreasing the amount of the third for specific reasons. For vegetable gardens, the fertilizer has less nitrogen and more of the other nutrients to encourage larger squash, tomatoes or melons. A high-nitrogen fertilizer encourages the growth of foliage and is a good choice for lawns.

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