How Do You Use a Lint Trap?

How Do You Use a Lint Trap?

A lint trap is a screen installed at the top of a dryer to catch lint during the clothes-drying process. Dryer vents and lint traps are two major sources of fires in a home, according to, so keeping them clean is imperative.

  1. Dry clothes

    Dryers typically come with the lint trap already in place. Running a load of clothes engages the lint trap's function of catching lint. The goal is to minimize the amount of lint that moves through duct vents.

  2. Clean the trap

    After a few loads, pull up on the lint trap handle. Remove visible lint by hand or with a brush. Run water over the screen. Let it dry.

  3. Replace the trap

    Put the trap back into the dryer, and allow it to catch lint again.