How Do You Use an LG Washer?

How Do You Use an LG Washer?

Using an LG washer is a simple process that takes a variable amount of time, depending on the size of the load of laundry that needs to be washed. To use your LG washer, you need dirty laundry and some laundry detergent.

  1. Select your wash settings

    Examine the labels on your clothing. Different items of clothing require different water temperatures for washing. Once you know the settings required to clean your clothes, simply adjust the controls on the LG washer to set the correct temperature and cycle parameters.

  2. Pour in the detergent

    Put your detergent into the LG washer. You can use different types of laundry detergents, such as powders, tablets or liquids, depending on your personal preference and the type of clothing being washed.

  3. Put your clothing in the machine and activate

    Take your dirty clothes and place them inside of the machine. Make sure you don't put too much clothing in the machine. If the machine is overfilled, it may not remove all of the dirt from your clothes. Close the machine, and turn it on.

  4. Wait for the machine to finish

    Wait for the wash cycle to finish. Depending on the settings you have chosen, the LG washer cycle will take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.